Fence: Volume 1

Oh I loved this! I LOVE sports stories especially when I get romance sprinkled in. I think Fence is going to become one of my favorite comics of all time. I know, it's just the first volume, but the writing and art were EXCELLENT. I immediately ordered the remaining volumes currently available because I need... Continue Reading →

A Sign of Affection: Volume 1

This is exactly what I needed during such a stressful time. This story was a soft and affectionate hug and I'm eagerly awaiting the beautiful love story I see blossoming between the two leads. Yuki and Itsuomi-san are in college and meet one day on the train. Itsuomi-san learns that Yuki is deaf and thus... Continue Reading →

Ao Haru Ride: Volume 10

Futaba is moving on with someone great. Toma is such a thoughtful and encouraging person. However, he's starting to feel anxious now that Kou has woken up. I love that Futaba understands Toma's concerns and knows she doesn't want him to be anxious or insecure. She doesn't want to hurt him because she knows just... Continue Reading →

Ao Haru Ride: Volume 9

Wow, this one hurt but it also brought on all the feels - good and heartbreaking. Kou is seeing the fallout resulting from his decisions. Yes, Futaba is his friend but she's also more than that and he made that noticeable to her. He pushed her aways, confusing her, and ended up pushing her to... Continue Reading →

Ao Haru Ride: Volume 8

Oh man, this volume was full of yearning. I can feel how much Kou loves Futaba, yet he's denying himself that happiness. Kou has been making progress, but it wasn't until this volume that I realized how strongly he was holding onto that last bit of grief. That grief was such a large part of... Continue Reading →

Ao Haru Ride: Volume 7

This was the perfect follow-up from the last volume. I was so angry with Kou and heartbroken for Futaba. However, this volume solidified my belief in Kou and Futaba as both friends and eventual partners. This volume really centered around Futaba and her self-growth. I truly do love her. She makes mistakes but she learns.... Continue Reading →

Ao Haru Ride: Volume 6

I really need to choose my words wisely with this because this was a complicated volume and my initial thoughts and feelings are not great. That doesn't mean this was a bad volume, but it does mean this volume made me feel a lot of things. The focus was on Kou and Futaba in this... Continue Reading →

Ao Haru Ride: Volume 5

So many things I want to talk about after this volume because so many little and big things happened. First, lets talk about Kou and Futaba. There were a few heart-pounding moments thanks to Kou and his inability to completely hide his feelings for Futaba. Futaba talks about being able to see different sides of... Continue Reading →

Ao Haru Ride: Volume 4

Yes! This was the volume I was waiting for. I am now starting to see why this series is so loved! We finally learn about Kou and what happened when he moved away. After the loss of his mother, Kou cut the world off and erased all vibrant color from his view of everything around... Continue Reading →

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