Watch List: Colossal

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*Huge spoilers in this post, please do not read this post if you have not seen this film. This movie has a huge plot twist that I talk about in this post.*


There were times during this film where I forgot to breathe. My heart broke and splintered at certain points throughout this movie. After watching the trailers I expected to see a comedy take on the Kaiju movies and what I got instead was something a lot bigger, a lot more meaningful. I have never, ever, walked out of a movie feeling so shocked and taken by a film.

Here’s the trailer to give you a feel of what you think the movie will be about:

Except that trailer does not even scratch the surface of this beautiful film. 

Gloria (Anne Hathaway) struggles with alcoholism. At the beginning of the movie her boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens) breaks up with her and forces her to move out of their shared apartment. Feeling defeated, she returns to her small hometown where she runs into her childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis).

Vulnerable and lost, Gloria gets drunk one night at Oscar’s bar and confides in him. She drunkenly spills her soul out and tells him how she doesn’t have a job and she doesn’t even have furniture for her home. The next day, Oscara shows up at Gloria’s current home and brings her a TV. He also offers her a job at his bar. Accepting his generosity Gloria starts working for Oscar at his bar. Everything changes when, once again, Gloria wakes up from one of her binge drinking nights to find out that the city of Seoul, South Korea has been attacked by a Kaiju. Gloria watches the news with Oscar and his friends stunned by what they are seeing.

But then, Gloria sees the alien do something that takes her breath away. The alien has the same nervous mannerisms that Gloria has. Connecting the dots, Gloria realizes that every time she gets drunk and returns to the playground in front of her old school, Gloria is able to control the Kaiju in South Korea.

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The film did an amazing job with its symbolism. First, I will talk about Gloria’s monster. In order for the alien to appear, Gloria has to be drunk. Every move Gloria makes while drunk, the monster makes the same move. So if Gloria stumbles, the monster stumbles however when the monster stumbles it stumbles upon a building in South Korea, killing hundreds of innocent people.

For everyone who has ever loved someone who struggles with alcoholism, they know how destructive alcoholism is. Innocent people are hurt. Chaos is created. Monsters are created out of good people. This is such a hard topic to write about, it’s so personal and brutal, but this film did a great and respectful job of portraying alcoholism in a way where everyone will understand the strength behind alcoholism. How it can completely take over someone’s life and harm so many people in the process.

Now for the plot twist:

This film takes a raw and brutal look at abuse.

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We are Gloria in this film. We are with her when she starts to slowly see red flags in her friendship with Oscar. We are with her when she finally realizes the dangerous situation she is in. We are with her when she struggles to differentiate her friend Oscar with the monster he later shows himself to be. And what a heartbreaking journey it is.


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