Book Love: November 9 by Colleen Hoover

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“My flaws are what wake me up in the morning and what keep me awake every night.”

I am on a Colleen Hoover kick. I can’t get enough of her work and each Colleen Hoover book I read just gets better and better. She’s such a great story-teller that for the time I’m reading one of her books I’m gone. I’m completely submersed in whatever world she’s created and November 9 was a world I didn’t want leave.

November 9 is a story ultimately about fate and battle scars. Listen, life gets hard sometimes and sometimes fate decides to put us through battle after battle and the overarching war is just trying to make it to the next day. That sounds sad, I know. But for many, well maybe most of us, life can be difficult and sometimes we cry about it or we can laugh at it. Whatever suits you in the moment.

Fallon is fighting her own personal war that’s left her with physical and emotional scars. Girls have it tough as it is and adding facial scars to the mix is something I can’t even imagine. However, we can’t control fate we can only control how we handle what we’re given. And at first, Fallon hides from the world because that’s the only way she knows how to cope.

“One of the things I always try to remind myself is that everyone has scars. A lot of them even worse than mine. The only difference is that mine are visible and most people’s aren’t.”

Fallons nightmare and her dream began on November 9. It was the day fate colored her face with scars and a few years later, it became the day she met Ben.

Ben has to be one of my favorite characters Hoover has ever written. I laughed so much every time this guy opened his mouth and said something that had me shocked, a little offended, but laughing at the top of my lungs. He did not sugar coat things and he definately had no problem letting you know what was on his mind and I LOVED it.

Ben and Fallon become the best of friends and are exactly what the other needs. They lift each other up, laugh at life’s hardships, and are there for each other when it gets difficult.

However, this is a Colleen Hoover book which means there’s a heartbreaking twist that will have you in tears.

“Why didn’t you tell me that the foundation you taught me to stand on is made from quicksand?”

That’s all I’m going to say about this book. I truly believe you should go into this knowing as little as possible because every twist and turn will have your eyes glued to the pages.

I read this in one sitting and had two hours of sleep and YES it was worth it.

5 shining stars!

Amazon link: November 9 by Colleen Hoover





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